Linda’s Labyrinth is the first fully accessible labyrinth design. The labyrinth design is named after its creator, Linda, who is blind. The clever design provides a single, wide pathway through the labyrinth which is fully wheelchair accessible and prevents people from ‘crossing paths,’ a common drawback of many labyrinths.

The intention of this website is to inspire communities all over the world to create their own temporary Linda’s Labyrinth. Here you will learn how to build your own accessible labyrinth.

Labyrinths were part of ancient cultures across Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America, some dating back over 4000 years. As people seek calm in our hectic world, labyrinths are regaining popularity and are commonly used for meditation and community events such as seasonal celebrations and weddings. However, few labyrinths are wheelchair accessible and almost none are accessible to people who are blind.

Rick Hansen and Lindas Labyrinth Team

Rick Hansen and members of the Linda's Labyrinth Team

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